Smart Idea from a 16 Year Old Entrepreneur

Benjamin Stern, a 16 year old entrepreneur from Melbourne Florida just came up with a great idea, the Nohbo Ball. His pitch on Shark Tank was so convincing that Mark Cuban didn’t hesitate on investing. The young entrepreneur not only convinced the billionaire about the product but was also able to show excellent business acumen for someone of that age. Continue reading “Smart Idea from a 16 Year Old Entrepreneur”

The Most Important Gaming Platforms

A survey conducted by Game Developers Conference shows us which gaming platforms are currently getting the most support from game developers. Continue reading “The Most Important Gaming Platforms”

Fintech Fever!

Years have passed since a couple of startups like Paypal and Bitcoin started disrupting the way financial services are provided. During the past decade the first Fintech startups had their ups and downs while struggling financial regulators and many people were predicting the worst scenario. The truth is that it is growing faster than ever. Continue reading “Fintech Fever!”

What Is A Cryptocurrency?

We were in 2008 when a software developer called Satoshi Nakamoto created the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Financial regulators started having nightmares with it and, as people started to support the idea, they had to accept that the traditional financial sector was experimenting disruption. Continue reading “What Is A Cryptocurrency?”

Have you heard of Virtual Reality?

The Mobile World Conference 2016 in Barcelona was probably the decisive kick off for the technology. The picture of Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of Facebook, entering the conference room unnoticed by the audience has been spread all over the web. Continue reading “Have you heard of Virtual Reality?”

Top 10 Fintech Innovators 2015

The Fintech 100 report is a collaborative effort between H2 Ventures and KPMG that aims to rank the most exciting startups taking advantage of technology to disrupt.  Continue reading “Top 10 Fintech Innovators 2015”

How Virtual Reality Is Changing The World

Curiosity and enthusiasm around the arrival of virtual reality to our houses is growing.

Continue reading “How Virtual Reality Is Changing The World”