Smart Idea from a 16 Year Old Entrepreneur

Benjamin Stern, a 16 year old entrepreneur from Melbourne Florida just came up with a great idea, the Nohbo Ball. His pitch on Shark Tank was so convincing that Mark Cuban didn’t hesitate on investing. The young entrepreneur not only convinced the billionaire about the product but was also able to show excellent business acumen for someone of that age.

What is Nohbo Ball?

Nohbo is the world’s first single-use eco-friendly shampoo ball. It is a biodegradable and completely waste-free! Nohbo balls are plant-based, made without the use of harsh chemicals or formulas and also packaged with plant-based materials, making them 100% waste-free. Which means no more plastic shampoo bottles.

Possibilities are endless and future lines are expected to include conditioner, body wash, and shaving cream balls.

“Nohbo is one small step to help reduce plastic and waste making the world a cleaner more livable space.”

Congrats to this young entrepreneur!

Check out the video.

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